01. European Forward Looking Studies 2007-2010

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European Forward Looking Studies 2007-2010

EU Research in Foresight & Forecast, Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities

Current Projects

MEDPRO: Prospective analysis for the Mediterranean region 

Start date:01.03.2010 Duration:36 months

AUGUR: Challenges for Europe and the world of 2030

Start date:01.10.2009 Duration:40 months

SustainCity: Microsimulation for the prospective of sustanionable cities in Europe

Start date:01.10.2010 Duration:36 months

GR:EEN FP7 - Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks

Start date: 01.03.2011 Duration: 48 months

BRAINPOoL: Bringing alternative indicators into policy

Start date: 01.10. 2011 Duration: 30 months

​NEUJOBS: To analyse future possible developments of the European labour market

Start date: 01.02. 2011 Duration: 48 months

Recently Completed Projects

EFP: European Foresight Platform – Supporting the forward looking decision-making

Start date:01.10.2009 Duration:36 months

PEGGED: Politics, economics and global governance: the European Dimension

Start date: 01.07.2008 Duration: 48 months

CIVISTI: Citizen visions on science, technology and innovation

Start date:01.09.2008 Duration:30 months

SESTI: Scanning for emerging science and technology issues

Start date:01.10.2008 Duration:30 months

SANDERA: The future impact of security and defence policies on the European Research Area

Start date:01.06.2009 Duration:24 months

FarHorizon: Use of foresight to align research with longer term policy needs for Europe

Start date:01.09.2008 Duration:30 months

DEMETER: Development and methods and tools for evaluation of research

Start date:01.01.2009 Duration:36 months

PACT: Pathways for carbon transmissions

Start date:01.10.2008 Duration:36 months

ECPIST: European consumer preferences in 2030 – Implications for science and technology

Start date:17.04.2009 Duration:15 months

Mapping the Past: Analysis of public research institutes in Europe in selected S&T fields: historical evolution and future scenarios

Start date:25.02.2009 Duration:14 months

INFU: Innovation futures in Europe: a foresight exercise on emerging patterns of innovation – Visions, scenarios and implications for policy and practice

Start date:01.06.2009 Duration:32 months

iKnow: Interconnecting knowledge for the early identification of issues, events and developments (e.g. ‘wild cards’ and associated weak signals) shaping and shaking the future of science, technology and innovation in the ERA

Start date:01.11.2008 Duration:30 months

EDC2020: European Development Co-operation to 2020 aims to improve EU policy makers’ and other societal actors’ shared understanding of emerging challenges facing EU development policy and external action

Start date:01.04.2008 Duration:36 months

GLOGOV: The Global Governance Project seeks to advance understanding of the new actors, institutions and mechanisms of global governance

Start date:2001

REFGOV: Reflexive governance in the public interest

GLOBAL EUROPE: The world and Europe up to 2030/2050

Start date: 01.03.2010 Duration: 24 months

The World in 2025: Global challenges and developments

Start date: 01.01.2008 Duration - 22 months

EUROMED-2030: Forward looking on the long-term challenges for the Meditteranean

Start date: 01.01.2010 Duration: 12 months

SCIFI-GLOW: Science, Innovation, Firms and Markets in a Globalised World

Start date: 01.07.2008 Duration: 36 months

PASHMINA: Paradigm shifts modelling and innovative approaches

Start date:01.11.2009 Duration:36 months

European Foresight Monitoring Network (EFMN)

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