01. Background Papers

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Background Papers

The background/working papers for all work packages, including the Emerging Economies Consortium papers. Deliverables for all work packages can be found on the Deliverables page.

WP1 - A macro-model of world regions

CAM Model of the World Economy - User Guide: Version 3.0, Francis Cripps and Naret Khurasee, October 2008

LDC Challenges for the next decade: An analysis using UN DESA’s Global Policy Model: Francis Cripps, June 2010

Global imbalancesunder-consumption and over-borrowingthe state of the world economy and future policiesFrancis CrippsAlex IzurietaAjit Singh, 2010

Note of Synthesis - A Macro Model of World Regions: Francis Cripps (UCAM_WP1June 2011

Global Rebalancing: limitations of the East-Asia-Centric approach and the role of Europe: AUGUR Working Paper, February 2012 (WP1), Sabyasachi Kar

The Lewis Turning Point in China and its Impacts on the World Economy: AUGUR Working Paper, February 2012 (WP1), Andong Zhu and Wanhuan Cai

Why Europe Must Help Itself: Coordinated reflation can avoid prolonged recession: AUGUR Working Paper, WP1, Pranab Mukhopadhyay, August 2012


WP2 - Financial markets and international regulation

International Regulation, Risk Management and the Creation of Instability: John Eatwell, WP2, UCAM, September 2004

Financial Supervision and Crisis Management in the EU: Prof. Kern Alexander, Prof. John Eatwell, Prof. Avinash Persaud, Mr. Robert Reoch, Reoch Credit Partners LLP., December 2007

practical approach to the regulation of riskJohn Eatwell,WP2UCAMAugust 2008

Financial Regulation - so what do we do now?John EatwellWP2UCAMSeptember 2008

Transparency is not the answer: John Eatwell and Robert Reoch (WP2), UCAMSeptember 2008

Clearing and Settlement in the EU: Directorate General for Internal Policies Department A: Economic and Scientific Policies, Economic and Monetary Affairs, August 2009

Revisiting ’New Cambridge’, the three financial balances in a general stock-flow consistent applied modeling strategy: Claudio H Dos Santos and Antonio C. Macedo e Silva, 2010

Policy Brief - the World of Finance 2030: John Eatwell WP2, 2011

Basel III & Beyond: A View from Asia: Wee Ling Phua, Supervisor: Professor Lord John Eatwell (UCAM)_WP2, August 2011

The transformation of international financial markets and the future of the eurozone: John Eatwell (UCAM)_WP2, 2011

The future of financial markets and regulation: what strategy for Europe?: Working paper, Jean-Baptiste Gossé (CNRS-CEPN) and Dominique Plihon (CNRS-CEPN)_WP2, October 2011

Systemic RiskJohn Eatwell (UCAM)_WP2November 2011

The European System of Financial Supervision:-Managing the triangular between the -ESRBESAs, and ECB/ESCBKern Alexander, -26 April 2012

Financial structures, regulation and interlinkagesDeveloping Asia in the context of global crisesAUGUR Working PaperNovember 2011 (WP2), C. P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

Emerging Countries and Inconsistencies in Macroeconomic Policy: The Inflation Targeting Regime and Exchange Rate Management: AUGUR Working Paper, February 2012 (WP2), Annina Kaltenbrunner and Juan Pablo Painceira

Volatile Capital Flows and a Route to Financial Crisis in South Africa: AUGUR Working Paper, February 2012 (WP2), Rex A McKenzie and Nicolas Pons-Vignon

The impact of capital flows on the South African economic growth path since the end of apartheidSeeraj Mohamed


WP3 - Innovation and technology diffusion

The role of business organization in international integration, innovation activity and technology transfer: Working paper, Gabor Hunya (WIIW),WP3, September 2011

Global Patterns of Trade Specialisation and Club Convergence: Past and Current Patterns of Trade Specialisation: Working paper, Roman Stöllinger (WIIW)_WP3, September 2011

International Spillovers in a World of technology Clubs: Working paper, Roman Stöllinger (WIIW),WP3, October 2011

Innovation and technology transferWorking paperNeil Foster (WIIW), WP3October 2011

Intellectual property right , Innovation and technology diffusionWorking paperNeil Foster (WIIW) and Anja Breitwieser_WP3October 2011

Global Patterns of Trade Specialization and Club Convergence: Past and Current Patterns of Services Trade Specialisation: Working paper, Olga Pindyuk (WIIW)_WP3. November 2011

Upheaval in the World Economy: China and India as a Challenge to Europe: AUGUR Working Paper, September 2011 (WP3), C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

Simulations of Manufacturing Export DevelopmentsBackground paper. WP3, Roman Stöllinger


WP4 - Global developmentdemography and migration

​Can drastic deficit reduction help economic recovery? Prospects for UK, US and Southern Europe: Hannah Bargawi, Terry Mc Kinley (CDPR-SOAS), CDPR Development Viewpoint, number 60, WP4, April 2011

Policy Brief 4 - Could employment-focused policies spearhead economic recovery in Europe?: Terry Mc Kinley and Giovanni Cozzi (CDPR-SOAS),November 2011_WP4

International Migration by 2030: Working paper, El Mouhoub Mouhoud (Paris Dauphine), Joel Oudinet (CNRS6CEPN), Vincent Duwicquet (CNRS-CEPN)_WP4

Addressing the global food crisis: Causes, implications and policy optionsAUGUR Working PaperMarch 2012 (WP4), C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh1


WP5 - Energy, primary resources and environmental challenges

Economie d’une fiscalité carbon en France: CIRED Study (French), Emmanuel Combet, Frédéric Ghersi, Jean-Charles Hourcade, Camille Thubin, WP5, November 2009

Climate policies as a hedge against the uncertainty on future oil supply: Julie Rozenberg, Stéphane Hallegatte, Adrien Vogt-Schilb, Olivier Sassi, Céline Guivarch, HenriWaisman, Jean-Charles Hourcade, WP5, January 2010

Ventured Essay about a Climate Friendly Global Financial Architecture: Working paper, Jean Charles Hourcade, Baptiste Perissin Fabert , Julie Rozenberg _WP5, February 2011

Can indebted Europe afford Climate Policy? Can it bail out its debt without Climate Policy?: Michel AGLIETTA and Jean-Charles HOURCADE, WP5, 2012


WP6 - International governance and regional economic integration

Global regulation in the aftermath of the subprime crisis: Dominique Plihon, WP6, December 2009

European economic policies: what can be done ?Jacques Mazier (CEPN-CNRS), September 2011

Crisis, Market Instability and Agricultural Policy: Analysis and Prospective ElementsThierry Pouch, (CNRS-CEPN)_WP6, 2011

La Banque mondiale, entre transformations et résilience: Jean-Pierre Cling, Mireille Razafindrakoto et François Roubaud, November 2011

The future of Global Trade and the WTO: Working paper, Jean Pierre Cling (CNRS-CEPN)_WP6, November 2011

Public Ownership and Public Services by 2030: Working paper, Philippe Bance (Rouen Uty)_WP6, November 2011

The Role and Structure of Civil Society Organizations in National and Global Governance Evolution and outlook between now and 2030: Working paper, Fabrice Desse, June 2012

The effect of population ageing on the world economic evolution: Working paperRiccardo Magnani and Vincent Duwicquet, February 2013

WP7 - Well being and living condition

Massimiliano Tancioni european wellbeing conditions based on an econometric model

Daraio Dimensions of wellbeing in Europe Issues and scenarios

WP8 - Political economy and politics

TIGER - The Inexorable Rise of Chimerica: Background papers - the long-term scenario, Piatkowski, February 2011

The G20 and Global Economic Governance: Working paper, Sylwia Para (TIGER-KU) _WP8, April 2011

Emerging Economies Consortium papers

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