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The Deliverables for all work packages. Background papers can be found on the Background Papers page.

WP1 Macro model of world regions, supply and demand of goods and services, trade and employment

D1.1 Introduction to the CAM databank and model

D1.2 Data files and presentation: extended data and initial scenarios to 2025

D1.3 Report: macro-model of world regions and revised scenarios to 2025

D1.4 Data files and presentation: updated historical data and scenarios

D1.5 Final report: scenarios to 2025 - outcomes for Europe and other world regions (forthcoming)

WP2 Financial markets, balances and international regulation

D2.1 Concepts, measures and data sources

D2.2 Impacts of international regulation - hypotheses and evidence 

D2.3 Developments in financial markets and international regulation 

D2.4 Final report: scenarios to 2025 (forthcoming)

WP3 Innovation and diffusion of technology and knowledge

D3.1 Concepts, measures and data sources

D3.2 Europe’s role in global business, 1970-2006

D3.3 Scenario analysis: global business, trade patterns and technology diffusion

D3.4 Final report: scenarios to 2025 (forthcoming) 

WP4 Development, demography and migrations

D4.1 Concepts, measures and data sources

D4.2 Development, demography and migrations - hypotheses and evidence

D4.3 Scenario analysis: preliminary results

D4.4 Final report: scenarios to 2025 - global development, demographic change and migration (forthcoming)

WP5 Energy, primary resources and environmental challenges

D5.1 Methodology to solve the aggregation problem between energy and trade and macro economic data in global models

D5.2 Main challenges for the role of Europe in global governance on energy and environmental issues: prospective analyses and scenarios

D5.3 Scenario analysis: perspectives for energy, emissions and mitigation of climate change

D5.4 Final report: governance scenarios and policies on environmental issues to 2025 (forthcoming)

WP6 International governance, conflicting issues within and between countries

D6.1 Governance groups, representation and normative standards 

D6.2 International regulation - hypotheses and evidences 

D6.3 Scenarios on changes in international regulation mechanisms 

D6.4 Final report international governance scenarios to 2025 (forthcoming) 

WP7 Well being and living conditions

D7.1 Concepts, measures and data sources

D7.2 On public goods, consumption and welfare, 1970-2006 

D7.3 Scenario analysis: public goods and structural policies 

D7.4 Final report: scenarios and policies for 2025 (forthcoming)

WP8 Political economy and politics

D8.1 Hypotheses and trends on major political issues 

D8.2 On political tensions and questions in a foreseeable future 

D8.3 Scenarios on major political issues 

D8.4 AUGUR scenarios: political backgrounds and policy implications (forthcoming)

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